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If she is addressing a few people, just one individual or many, Mary is an outstanding, articulate speaker on a variety of topics. She knows how to reach people – intimately and graciously. Few people in our culture have this unique gift. The more Mary shares her beliefs, kindness and compassion, the better the healthcare community will be.
Gordon Chesy, Facilitator,
Scarsdale Library MS Support Group

Mary’s intelligence, personality and ability to deal with adversity in an inspirational manner impressed everyone on the staff who met her. She soon became our “go to gal” when we needed a speaker. What makes Mary so special? It is hard to define. You just sense someone with a “gift” when you meet her. She is able to make everyone around her feel calmer and cared about. I have been a career counselor for over 30 years working with thousands of individuals. I give Mary my highest recommendation as a motivational speaker.
Mona L. Witman, M.Ed.,
Career Counselor, The Women’s Center at
County College of Morris, Randolph, New Jersey

Mary spoke at two of our educational symposiums for women, one with 500 attendees, and one with 200. Mary did such an incredible job at the first that we had to invite her back for the second. She has a gift for being open and honest, sharing the hard realities of life with humor and sincerity. She is knowledgeable in what needs to be said to make an impact on her audience! Our attendees could easily relate to Mary’s warm, genuine spirit. Symposium evaluations revealed that women especially enjoyed the time Mary spent with them. As a result, many voiced a desire for more women to share their stories at future symposiums. It is in hearing another’s story of survival that we become encouraged, educated and empowered. Mary Ishmael is the perfect person for this kind of event. I highly recommend her as a conference, workshop or special event speaker.
Pam Small, Founder/Publisher
Refresh & Renew, LLC –
A Resource for Women, Rockaway, New Jersey

You are a great guest, a humanist and an enlightened being.
Majid Ali, M.D., Host
Science, Health & Healing,
WBAI - FM-99.5

I thank you for giving of your story and your time.  It has made me stop and think about my journey after cancer.
Le Roy K. Saxon, Listener
Science, Health & Healing, WBAI - 99.5 FM

Generous with her knowledge as well as in spirit, Mary is both a great resource and an inspiration to those who might be suffering from cancer, know of someone who is, or those simply impressed by the strength and wisdom of her character. 
Cynthia Davidson-Reid,
Licensed Psychotherapist / Executive Coach

I always feel more at ease when I hear from someone more like me.  The time you took to give me such a thoughtful, helpful response will always be appreciated.  I have those moments... but you couldn't have targeted a better issue (dwelling on what might happen) for me to try to resist.
Listener, Science, Health & Healing, WBAI 99.5 FM

Mary is an inspiration to women, especially those who seek inspiration to rise from adversity and reinvent themselves in search of a positive, productive life.  She is a shining example that hope, faith and perseverance can prevail!
Florham Park, NJ


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